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The company designs and manufactures standard and bespoke high frequency innovative precision OCXO, TCXO, VCXO and PLL designs from 1MHz to 2.4GHz and GPS synchronised precision OCXO modules from its modern production unit based in Livingston, Scotland. Latest developments include a miniature OCXO reference standard phase locked to GPS, ideally suited to both portable and laboratory instrumentation.

The RFX precision OCXO designs are amongst the smallest in the world with efficient use of power during warm up and operation. New smd versions and increasingly stringent specifications will evolve from an ongoing research and development programme to meet the increasingly stringent demands of industry.

Integral to the company's ambitions and expansion plans, RFX acquired, in its entirety, Laptech Precision Inc. from Canada in February 2010 providing the company with in house supply and design expertise for the critical quartz components of it oscillators.

Laptech Precision Inc. was founded in 1972 to provide quartz blanks and proprietary crystal processing equipment to the Frequency Control industry. The company, which is located in a 15,000² foot facility in Ontario Canada, employs some of the worlds best quartz crystal design engineers along with highly skilled production personnel. Laptech is focused on providing a unique blend of products and services to the frequency control industry with a source of custom designed, high quality resonators and a first rate level of customer service and technical advice.

The company actively seeks partnerships with customers and suppliers to incorporate new parameters within the RFX design criteria and to ensure sufficient resources are made available to meet future technical and production requirements. The company will also commit resources to design bespoke precision oscillators to meet custom specifications for volume applications.

Equipment solutions using RFX precision oscillators include GPS Satellite Navigation Systems, Satellite Positioning Systems, Mobile Telephone Base Stations, System Networks including ATM, SDH, STM, Sonet, Wan and Lan Networks and Precision Measuring Equipment.