Tuesday 18th January 2022 -
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RFX Limited is a unique company, manufacturing high quality precision quartz oscillators for OEM production worldwide.

Positions within the group are available for highly motivated and suitably qualified engineers particularly those with experience within the frequency control industry, manufacturing management or r.f. design.
The company also actively seeks representative agents worldwide who can demonstrate a commitment and achieve success in establishing our products in their specific domain.


Worldwide sales agents

RFX Limited are to strengthen their Worldwide Sales and Marketing network through the appointment of further Sales Agents.

The company manufacture Precision OCXO, TCXO, VCXO and PLL oscillators for the Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Military, Research and Aerospace markets and a range of GPS stabilised timing modules.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Laptech Precision Inc., RFX also supply High Quality Quartz Crystals for specialist applications including AT, SC, and IT Cut resonators, QCM, Lapping, Material Processing, Polishing and Thin Film Services.

Specialist applications for Laptech products include wildlife tracking tags for which Laptech Precision Inc. manufacture sub-miniature leaded crystals with excellent r.f. specifications, volume manufacture of SC Cut crystals for OCXO manufacture and low magnetic signature high temperature glass enclosures. The company has demonstrated a competitive edge in the design and manufacture of low noise SC cut quartz crystals with excellent long term stability and developed innovative sealing technology that enables this performance to be realised in true surface mount configurations.

Our agents must demonstrate a technical ability to discuss Frequency Control Products at an engineering level and possess an intimate knowledge of their own market.

Interested parties should contact Steve Wilson - Technical Director at RFX Limited: steven.wilson@rfx.co.uk